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Friday, March 17, 2017

"Kiss it," he said... "it's Irish!"

This is what happens every Saint Patrick’s Day Morning…

I’m asleep in bed. Not dozing, not scrunched up cozy warm. ASLEEP… 
There I was this very morning, dreaming of getting all hot and bothered with Jon Snow on the Ice Wall in Game of Thrones. He’s beginning to peel off his (((LEATHER))) pants and (((CODPIECE))) hey! It’s my dream, okay?

THEN… in my dream, I feel a nudge at the back of my thigh. Still watching Jon Snow getting frisky, I reach behind me and brush it away.

Jon Snow’s looking at me with those smoldering, sad boy, tough guy eyes only HE has as he continues to oh sooo sexily undo buttons, laces and OMG BUCKLES…

Another nudge at the back of my thigh… and then a hand comes across my tummy.
I creak open one eye. Damn. I’m not on the wall. I say ‘DAMN!’ out loud and it comes out sounding like 'GOB-SNOR-FLEXX-GOO'

Jon Snow is gone… but that nudging is still there. Again, my hand reaches down and I grasp at it, to hear an ‘AHHHH’ from my dear husband Spike behind me.

His low voice growls in my ear as I begin to stroke him…
“Kiss it,” he murmurs, “it’s Irish…”
This weekend, I’ve got some great stuff for y’all!

Meself (it's what the Irish say sometimes, and I'm Irish by injection...) and some of me author friends are doing a promotion of our work!
It's the Getting Lucky Book Promotion!

A collection of really good, really hot erotica of many, many flavors! Take a look at these covers! Are they cool or what? My MOST SUCCESSFUL box set is in it, for just 99!


Title Author Price  Amazon Link
Seduction Of A Highlander  Lynda Belle FREE 
Highlander Bride Taken:
Lynda Belle 0.99
Snow White Unveiled:
Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Jacinta Laurenti  FREE
Her Winged Viking AJ Tipton   0.99
The Mystery
of the Black Widow
(A Gay Victorian Romance
and Erotic Novella)
Lady TL Jennings   FREE
Different Desire
A Gay Victorian Romance
and Erotic Novelette
(The Gentleman’s Collection
Book 1)
Lady TL Jennings   FREE
Lusty Leprechaun
(BBW and Billionaire)
Lynda Belle FREE
Heal Me:
Club Surrender
Book 1
C. Nixon FREE
Between a Wolf
and a Hard Place
Annalise Nixon FREE
Accidental Swingers
Box Set!
I really hope you take advantage of some of these deals. The authors are talented and the writing's great. Have a wonderful holiday- play safe, drive safe, and take plenty of aspirin tonight. I know I will.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tina's one uptight wife...

Whoo hooo! Just so you know, my main way of staying in touch with my readers like you is through my newsletter. I also copy it onto my blog, but other than that, not so much other Social Media for Mia.

It’s not that I have anything against Facebookin’, or Tweetin’, or Pinterestin’… it’s just that when I do… I’m down the rabbit hole for hours and hours. Sure, it’s fun as anything, but my younger pug doesn’t like it.
I’m supposed to be feeding or playing with her! NOT looking at cute kittens!
But then…
Yes, you can see, Social Media isn’t so much so good for me… considering I just spent 45 minutes finding a cute kitty pic! Sigh…
Can’t really get much work done that way, right?
Uhhh no.
And if I can’t get my work done…
(pretty smooth, huh?)
A brand spankin’ new book that I’ve just uploaded to Amazon!

It’s a new series, following some characters I’ve been thinking about ever since Accidental Swingers. I’ve been wondering about other forms of No Strings Attached intimate relations where it’s just the woman who is out on the prowl…
In our time in the Lifestyle, we’ve come across a few couples that indulge in this kink, and it’s really gotten me going.

Meet Tina:
She’s been married for seven years to a great guy. They met in college 13 years ago, and have a good life. Good jobs, nice house… you know, living the dream…

One Friday night, they watch a really hot movie that’s a cult favorite. It gets their motor running, and the earth shifts underneath their feet…
And things begin to change…
Announcing my new series
The Hotwife Chronicles!
Book 1 is just live on Amazon!

Here’s a little more details about it:
Their marriage changed because of a movie…

For thirteen years Tina and Ken have led a comfortable and steady life. It’s been great; college sweethearts, upward careers, good friends and a nice house. It’s been great. Really. Honest.

Great, okay?
But if that’s really true, how did watching that movie on Friday night turn everything on its ear? How did watching a steamy romance for two hours turn the button downed Tina into a filthy mouthed vixen? It sure fired Ken up too! He had never seen his wife so hotly aroused, so debauched by the time the credits rolled.

It was the most intense, the most raw sex they ever had!
Tina is so… self conscious about it the next day. She’s not really like that, especially if she’s sober! But the harder she tries to put that episode out of her mind, the more it pops up in her head.

Ken’s just as smoked. And just as confused. Maybe some shock therapy’s in order.
Uh oh… maybe not such a good idea…
But then again…

Well, that’s about the latest news from me to you.
I hope you’re all doing well.
If you guys want to say anything to me, about the book, about what’s new with youuuu… leave a comment and type away. 
Your responses drop right into my Inbox!
(Get yer minds out of the gutter! This isn’t Saturday night!)

Happy now? 
Have a great day, and as always, thank you for your readership.
Hugs and Love,
Mia Moore

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yes, it's been a while! I know!! Let's get to it!

Here's the latest and greatest from my little corner of the web...
Sometimes... we make decisions we regret, y'know?

For example… you think you’re ‘All That’ and decide to go on a Caribbean vacay in January… and then go skiing a week later, all ‘Lifestyles of The Wannabe Rich and Famous’…

All hotsy totsy on the hill…
Uh… ermmm…. NO. No, no no no!
You come off a plane from Cuba (where it was in the 80's and 90's!) , and 72 hours later you’re on a ski hill (where's it's FREAKING FREEZING!) … you know how you wake up the next day?
Do ya????
Yeah… just great.
SOOOOooo sexy!
Sooo La-Di-Dah!
Spent two days in bed in the hotel while the Dear Husband Spike hit the damn slopes!
Did he fell BAD that he could ski, while I was stuck in bed sick?
Did he feel remorseful?
Did he feel guilty?
Not. At. All.

Okay, that’s not my hubby-doo.
Speaking of decisions we may regret (okay, not the best segue to pushing my book, but give a girl a break, OK? I’VE BEEN SICK!)
Cerise made a decision she may regret…
Last week, I gave away the First Episode of Eros Inc and let all you guys know. As I said in that email, the entire BOX SET of Five tales is available on Amazon for only .99 for this week!

In case you’re wondering what is it about…

“Just this once” transforms into a life of depravity

Cerise’s back is against the wall. Bill collectors are stalking her, college loans are overdue, and the rent’s not paid yet! She puts on her ‘little black dress’ and cruises a hotel bar looking for a horny businessman. With cash.

She meets not one, but two executives who are partners in business, and also in fun. Dev and Nick show her a thing or two, and make her an offer she can’t refuse.

As long as she does what she’s told…
Welcome to the debauched world of Eros Inc., a private and exclusive club where pleasure is the commodity and money is no object.
But every rose has its thorns.
Odd little things begin to happen…
That become menacing threats…
Eros Inc… raw, sensual, and dangerous…

Yes, it’s on Kindle Unlimited too!

Could have used this guy to keep me warm when I was stuck in bed…

Oh well…
I’m feeling much better now…

I’m back at work, doing edits on a new series! I’ll let y’all know when it’s done!
Have any of you guys had that happen to ya? Go off on a super duper getaway and spend it sick in bed? If you have- YOU SURE GOT MY SYMPATHY! Maybe not my Dear Spike’s, but YOU SURE GOT MINE!!!

LOL and have a great winter!
Love and Hugs,

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lori is about to go on the scariest and most exciting vacation EVER…

Ever wonder what it’s REALLY like at a Swinger Resort?
Did you even know they exist?
And the best one is in Jamaica!

This week I’m promoting one of my all time favorite books. A LOT of you guys have already read it (LOL- I’m looking at you and all YOUR friends, Joe and Ellen!) 
For those of you that haven’t read it, I’m putting up the first episode FOR FREE on Amazon from right now until Wednesday! I changed the covers (I loved the other ones, but these ones look great too, right?) but the story’s the same. 

And Lori is scared stiff going...

Amazon Link: 
And, of course, if you enjoyed your free taste, the whole box set- a 350 page book- is now at a killer price!

And yes, as usual, all of my books are on Kindle Unlimited!

I’m really not going to bend your ear on this book- if you’re getting my newsletters, you enjoy my writing, right? Plus, the blurb and so forth are on the links so you can see for yourself. 
Ah say, ah say (in my best Foghorn Leghorn voice)
You’re really gonna love this book!

Other stuff…

Okay, Game of Thrones is on hiatus for MORE THAN A YEAR on HBO, and I’ve asked you guys for suggestions for movies to watch on ol’ Netflix. Aaaand because of James (thanks for the Kodi info), and Jim (gonna love Reign I think), Lonnie and April I have a bunch of recommendations for great TV viewing.

My favorite movie this summer is one from last summer, though. Thanks to Netflix, I got a second chance to see it. I saw it at the theater last year, but being able to watch in my living room actually made the experience more enjoyable; I LOVE the pause button! If you saw it, give it another chance; I’m sure glad that April mentioned it last week through this newsletter.
The movie?

Believe it or not, it’s a Disney movie!

WTF? An Erotic Romance writer’s gushing over DISNEY?
And the movie?
You won’t believe it!

I thought it was fantastic!
Okay… it does have Georgie Boy innit… so what’s not to love…

I mean, the guy had me gooey back in the day when he was in ER!

And Finally…

Believe it or not, it DOES get hot in Canada in the summer. So much so that I’m sick of it. So whaddya do when you’re tired of the dog days of August?
Have a great week and I’ll be yakkin’ at ya soon!
Hugs and love,


Monday, August 8, 2016

Check it out- Sharing Janice is FREE UNTIL WED AUG 10!

Hey! Long time no blog! LOL 

     My 40 page novella, ‘Sharing Janice’ is FREE on Amazon until Wed. Aug 10, 2016. Here’s the linky doo: It’s a fun and sensual tale of what happens between an ardent couple who dare to get even more intimate by sharing a deep fantasy. 

It’s the introduction to my series ‘Swinger Fantasies’ which is a total of four episodes value priced! It’s also on Kindle Unlimited and you can check out the whole series, exclusive to Amazon right here:

---News From The Home Front---

     There. Now that the selling is taken care of (a gal’s gotta pay the mortgage, right? LOL) Here’s what else is new at Casa de Mia y Spike: (Yeah, I loooove Latin America! You should hear my Dear Hubby Spike speak Spanish… he sounds like Antonio Bandaras… RRROWLLL)

Dear Husband Spike and I had a HUUUGE anniversary this weekend. Soo big, I’m still hung over as I’m typing this. 
But it was a worthwhile thing to celebrate. It’s been 
Since we stopped smoking! I can’t believe it’s been a year. So yeah, a little hung over… but…


Guess what book hit the Amazon BEST SELLER LIST this week! Huh? Hunh?

Yup! My latest release, 'Their First Time' made a Best Seller List on Amazon!

You can find out more about this book right here at this link:

How about THAT, hunh? One week published and already it’s on a best seller list!!! Whoo hooo!!! I get all squishy when that happens!

For those of you who’ve read it, don’t be shy about leaving a review! And for those of you who are new to this crazy mailing list of mine, click the cover below to find out allll about it!

And finally….

(Note: if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m NUTZ about Game of Thrones on HBO!)
Sadly, though…

There’s nothing to report! The show’s on hiatus until October or November 2017! AAAaaaa!!!
If you got any suggestions, leave ‘em in the comments, mmmkaayy?? 

Well, that’s all for now from Casa Mia Moore! I hope your August goes as well as it possibly can. For those of you with kids (and, yeah, I’m a little envious), just remember that school will be back in session in less than a month!

My BFF Jen has two youngun’s and is counting the days like a kid looking forward to Christmas! LOL

As always, take care of yourself and thank you so much for your readership!
Love and Hugs,
Mia Moore