Friday, June 9, 2017

I couldn't believe how well this worked...

Yeah, yeah… don’t worry, I’m a gonna be yakkin’ about my newest book in a minute. But first…
Do me a favor, would ya?
It’s not a big deal, it’ll only take you a second and you can do it right the hell right now without moving from where you are.
You ready?
You in?

Ohhhkaaaay! Let’s go!

Right now!
Doesn’t have to be a big ol’ grin, just tell those corners of your mouth to point up for a count of ten.
You can’t do it for a count of ten???
Let me help…

I’ve just learned that if you’re having a crummy day, and just sit and smile for a count of 10, your mood lifts. And the day gets better. I KNOW it sounds like a load of crap, but really—I tried it, and while I had been feeling pretty good, it was like a shot of happy juice or something. I just sat there at my desk and curled those lips up, and popped out a lip curl.
No, that’s NOT me, OKAY? Sheesh.
G’head—try it! I’ll wait!
Moving right along…
I just published the final installment of 
The Hotwife Chronicles! 

OMG is that cover hot or what?
Here’s what it’s about!

Conventional by day. Insatiable at night.

Tina’s crossed the line from Swinger to Hotwife… now what?
Are you kidding? Let the games begin!
There are so many games to play… so many tastes to relish… so much fun to be had.

Anything goes… with anyone… Tina is one wanton Hotwife. But… what about her husband? Ken says he trusts her in her escapades… but does he? Is Ken really as supportive as he’s been saying?
Is his love for her really that strong?
Is her love for him that strong?

The final episode of Tina’s and Ken’s venture in The Hotwife Chronicles.
You’ll delight in this luscious Erotic Romance from bestselling author Mia Moore!

Go get the book now, and SMILE!
Good Grief— even Jon Snow knows how to smile!

Let the countdown continue!
I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

As always, thank you for your readership. If you want to touch base with me, just hit reply to this email. I read every one!

Love and Hugs,

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  1. Love your books would like to see a follow up on glen in overboard