Saturday, April 29, 2017

I LOOOVE writing about FIRST TIMES!

Yes, I really, really do!
I’m doing something a little different here. But before I get into that, I want you guys to know something.
Back in the day, when I first started writing and selling my books, I worked as a waitress. On my feet, running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room, from the bar to the dining room, and on and on. The shifts were long, yes, but the money wasn’t bad.

And I was in shape!
Oh how I used to get compliments on my bubbly butt…

Now, years later, sitting at my desk… or, to be honest, writing in bed a lot, that ol’ derriere has…
I’m considering a career change…
But no! The dear hubby Spike offered his opinion…
To which I replied…

I am now in my second week of a 30 day ‘Plank Challenge’. What’s A PLANK CHALLENGE Mia? 
Hell. Pure and simple. Planking’s like doing a push up, but … worse. 
But I’m sticking with it. I’ll tell you why at the end of the email (but you guys probably know why!)
OHHHKAAAY!!!! Enough about MEEE-A (get that?)! Let’s talk about my newest release!

I’ve put out a new release this week. It’s a three book compilation! And I’m selling it right now for just .99! The theme of the book is ‘First Time Swingers’:
Here’s a little taste of what these stories are about! They’ve been published before, but you might have missed ‘em!
They each find out a secret that changes their lives forever…
Three stand alone tales of married women confronting the unexpected and the mind blowing results…
THEIR FIRST TIME: Annette goes to her High School reunion and learns some fascinatingly filthy facts about her old buddies 
THEIR STEAMY NEW FRIENDS: Sasha discovers that Cindy, her personal trainer at the gym has a freaky side.
SULTRY SWINGERS: Chloe snoops in her BFF’s cell phone and gets the shock of her life.
In each book, when their husbands find out, things really heat up. 

These three tales have been previously published with the same titles, and are now available together in this value priced bundle. 

Naturally, it’s on Kindle Unlimited, but it’s just .99 for the next week- that’s to give you guys, my favoritest readers of all time- the chance to buy it if you’re not a KU member. But it goes back up to $4.99 afterwards.

Now, why all the exercising? Why the pain of planking every day?

Because it's simply 11 Weeks until this....
What else needs to be said? 


  1. I love your work, especially the swingers series which made me wonder if it was experience because you got it spot on Mia

    Derek Milburn Australia

  2. I really do enjoy your writing it is full of sexy situations that im sure you have been involved in. You bring out the yearning i have to find a woman that would enjoy the swingers life style. I will admit that the sweetheart i have now is putting forth allot of courage on her part. And together we have tried things you have written about. Threesomes with other men is something i cant believe we both enjoy allot. Thank you for the way you bring out the excitement in your books.

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