Friday, February 23, 2018

The Canadian Military is confronting Denmark’s INVASION! (Oh, and I have a new release! LOL)

Yep. This is a true story…

Thanks Mac for sending me this today! It made my morning!

How you guys doing, hunh??
Just want to let you know that my latest book has just gone live on Amazon! Its title is ‘The Hired Hand’!
Here’s a little of what it’s about:

A fun, edgy and explicit tale for fearless readers from Bestseller Mia Moore
 “The horses are watered and fed. Your husband mentioned you may need a hand with some....things in the bedroom?” Dan’s voice was a husky whisper, his eyes smoldering with desire.
Scarlett glanced over at her husband who was watching the exchange. OMG. His intensity matched Dan’s! 

Scarlett and Liam have loved working their hobby farm. When Liam gets injured, they’re forced to hire a workman. Dan appears; from the beginning, electric tension builds. First it was his rugged looks; his jeans perfectly filled, and she wondered just how strong those calloused hands were…

The sound of his voice left skittering shivers down Scarlett’s neck. 

Pillow talk with Liam turns to topics they never discussed before; her mind turns to ‘What If’?
Could this really, really happen?
(Bonus Book— A Wicked Swinger Weekend included Free!)

It’s just .99 until March 12, and then I’ll be putting the price up. So get it now, mmmkaaaay? LOL

Now that I got THIS story out of my system, I can get back to work on ‘Truth Or Dare’. I had to put that book aside because I got inspired for this one watching a movie starring… well, you know…
You got three guessezzzz....
(For you new members of my Reader's Group, I have a HUUUUGE crush on Jon Snow from Game of Thrones (aka Kit Harrington)

So... yeah... yummmm... leather and sweat makes me tingle, sue me...
I should be signing off saying that I'm getting back to work now, but really...
1. It's Friday night, Okay???

2. I just published a new book!
Paaaarty on!

As always, Thank you for your readership, and I’ll be in touch.

Love and Hugs,

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