Monday, February 27, 2017

Tina's one uptight wife...

Whoo hooo! Just so you know, my main way of staying in touch with my readers like you is through my newsletter. I also copy it onto my blog, but other than that, not so much other Social Media for Mia.

It’s not that I have anything against Facebookin’, or Tweetin’, or Pinterestin’… it’s just that when I do… I’m down the rabbit hole for hours and hours. Sure, it’s fun as anything, but my younger pug doesn’t like it.
I’m supposed to be feeding or playing with her! NOT looking at cute kittens!
But then…
Yes, you can see, Social Media isn’t so much so good for me… considering I just spent 45 minutes finding a cute kitty pic! Sigh…
Can’t really get much work done that way, right?
Uhhh no.
And if I can’t get my work done…
(pretty smooth, huh?)
A brand spankin’ new book that I’ve just uploaded to Amazon!

It’s a new series, following some characters I’ve been thinking about ever since Accidental Swingers. I’ve been wondering about other forms of No Strings Attached intimate relations where it’s just the woman who is out on the prowl…
In our time in the Lifestyle, we’ve come across a few couples that indulge in this kink, and it’s really gotten me going.

Meet Tina:
She’s been married for seven years to a great guy. They met in college 13 years ago, and have a good life. Good jobs, nice house… you know, living the dream…

One Friday night, they watch a really hot movie that’s a cult favorite. It gets their motor running, and the earth shifts underneath their feet…
And things begin to change…
Announcing my new series
The Hotwife Chronicles!
Book 1 is just live on Amazon!

Here’s a little more details about it:
Their marriage changed because of a movie…

For thirteen years Tina and Ken have led a comfortable and steady life. It’s been great; college sweethearts, upward careers, good friends and a nice house. It’s been great. Really. Honest.

Great, okay?
But if that’s really true, how did watching that movie on Friday night turn everything on its ear? How did watching a steamy romance for two hours turn the button downed Tina into a filthy mouthed vixen? It sure fired Ken up too! He had never seen his wife so hotly aroused, so debauched by the time the credits rolled.

It was the most intense, the most raw sex they ever had!
Tina is so… self conscious about it the next day. She’s not really like that, especially if she’s sober! But the harder she tries to put that episode out of her mind, the more it pops up in her head.

Ken’s just as smoked. And just as confused. Maybe some shock therapy’s in order.
Uh oh… maybe not such a good idea…
But then again…

Well, that’s about the latest news from me to you.
I hope you’re all doing well.
If you guys want to say anything to me, about the book, about what’s new with youuuu… leave a comment and type away. 
Your responses drop right into my Inbox!
(Get yer minds out of the gutter! This isn’t Saturday night!)

Happy now? 
Have a great day, and as always, thank you for your readership.
Hugs and Love,
Mia Moore

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