Friday, March 17, 2017

"Kiss it," he said... "it's Irish!"

This is what happens every Saint Patrick’s Day Morning…

I’m asleep in bed. Not dozing, not scrunched up cozy warm. ASLEEP… 
There I was this very morning, dreaming of getting all hot and bothered with Jon Snow on the Ice Wall in Game of Thrones. He’s beginning to peel off his (((LEATHER))) pants and (((CODPIECE))) hey! It’s my dream, okay?

THEN… in my dream, I feel a nudge at the back of my thigh. Still watching Jon Snow getting frisky, I reach behind me and brush it away.

Jon Snow’s looking at me with those smoldering, sad boy, tough guy eyes only HE has as he continues to oh sooo sexily undo buttons, laces and OMG BUCKLES…

Another nudge at the back of my thigh… and then a hand comes across my tummy.
I creak open one eye. Damn. I’m not on the wall. I say ‘DAMN!’ out loud and it comes out sounding like 'GOB-SNOR-FLEXX-GOO'

Jon Snow is gone… but that nudging is still there. Again, my hand reaches down and I grasp at it, to hear an ‘AHHHH’ from my dear husband Spike behind me.

His low voice growls in my ear as I begin to stroke him…
“Kiss it,” he murmurs, “it’s Irish…”
This weekend, I’ve got some great stuff for y’all!

Meself (it's what the Irish say sometimes, and I'm Irish by injection...) and some of me author friends are doing a promotion of our work!
It's the Getting Lucky Book Promotion!

A collection of really good, really hot erotica of many, many flavors! Take a look at these covers! Are they cool or what? My MOST SUCCESSFUL box set is in it, for just 99!


Title Author Price  Amazon Link
Seduction Of A Highlander  Lynda Belle FREE 
Highlander Bride Taken:
Lynda Belle 0.99
Snow White Unveiled:
Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Jacinta Laurenti  FREE
Her Winged Viking AJ Tipton   0.99
The Mystery
of the Black Widow
(A Gay Victorian Romance
and Erotic Novella)
Lady TL Jennings   FREE
Different Desire
A Gay Victorian Romance
and Erotic Novelette
(The Gentleman’s Collection
Book 1)
Lady TL Jennings   FREE
Lusty Leprechaun
(BBW and Billionaire)
Lynda Belle FREE
Heal Me:
Club Surrender
Book 1
C. Nixon FREE
Between a Wolf
and a Hard Place
Annalise Nixon FREE
Accidental Swingers
Box Set!
I really hope you take advantage of some of these deals. The authors are talented and the writing's great. Have a wonderful holiday- play safe, drive safe, and take plenty of aspirin tonight. I know I will.

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