Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yes, it's been a while! I know!! Let's get to it!

Here's the latest and greatest from my little corner of the web...
Sometimes... we make decisions we regret, y'know?

For example… you think you’re ‘All That’ and decide to go on a Caribbean vacay in January… and then go skiing a week later, all ‘Lifestyles of The Wannabe Rich and Famous’…

All hotsy totsy on the hill…
Uh… ermmm…. NO. No, no no no!
You come off a plane from Cuba (where it was in the 80's and 90's!) , and 72 hours later you’re on a ski hill (where's it's FREAKING FREEZING!) … you know how you wake up the next day?
Do ya????
Yeah… just great.
SOOOOooo sexy!
Sooo La-Di-Dah!
Spent two days in bed in the hotel while the Dear Husband Spike hit the damn slopes!
Did he fell BAD that he could ski, while I was stuck in bed sick?
Did he feel remorseful?
Did he feel guilty?
Not. At. All.

Okay, that’s not my hubby-doo.
Speaking of decisions we may regret (okay, not the best segue to pushing my book, but give a girl a break, OK? I’VE BEEN SICK!)
Cerise made a decision she may regret…
Last week, I gave away the First Episode of Eros Inc and let all you guys know. As I said in that email, the entire BOX SET of Five tales is available on Amazon for only .99 for this week!

In case you’re wondering what is it about…

“Just this once” transforms into a life of depravity

Cerise’s back is against the wall. Bill collectors are stalking her, college loans are overdue, and the rent’s not paid yet! She puts on her ‘little black dress’ and cruises a hotel bar looking for a horny businessman. With cash.

She meets not one, but two executives who are partners in business, and also in fun. Dev and Nick show her a thing or two, and make her an offer she can’t refuse.

As long as she does what she’s told…
Welcome to the debauched world of Eros Inc., a private and exclusive club where pleasure is the commodity and money is no object.
But every rose has its thorns.
Odd little things begin to happen…
That become menacing threats…
Eros Inc… raw, sensual, and dangerous…

Yes, it’s on Kindle Unlimited too!

Could have used this guy to keep me warm when I was stuck in bed…

Oh well…
I’m feeling much better now…

I’m back at work, doing edits on a new series! I’ll let y’all know when it’s done!
Have any of you guys had that happen to ya? Go off on a super duper getaway and spend it sick in bed? If you have- YOU SURE GOT MY SYMPATHY! Maybe not my Dear Spike’s, but YOU SURE GOT MINE!!!

LOL and have a great winter!
Love and Hugs,

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