Monday, August 8, 2016

Check it out- Sharing Janice is FREE UNTIL WED AUG 10!

Hey! Long time no blog! LOL 

     My 40 page novella, ‘Sharing Janice’ is FREE on Amazon until Wed. Aug 10, 2016. Here’s the linky doo: It’s a fun and sensual tale of what happens between an ardent couple who dare to get even more intimate by sharing a deep fantasy. 

It’s the introduction to my series ‘Swinger Fantasies’ which is a total of four episodes value priced! It’s also on Kindle Unlimited and you can check out the whole series, exclusive to Amazon right here:

---News From The Home Front---

     There. Now that the selling is taken care of (a gal’s gotta pay the mortgage, right? LOL) Here’s what else is new at Casa de Mia y Spike: (Yeah, I loooove Latin America! You should hear my Dear Hubby Spike speak Spanish… he sounds like Antonio Bandaras… RRROWLLL)

Dear Husband Spike and I had a HUUUGE anniversary this weekend. Soo big, I’m still hung over as I’m typing this. 
But it was a worthwhile thing to celebrate. It’s been 
Since we stopped smoking! I can’t believe it’s been a year. So yeah, a little hung over… but…


Guess what book hit the Amazon BEST SELLER LIST this week! Huh? Hunh?

Yup! My latest release, 'Their First Time' made a Best Seller List on Amazon!

You can find out more about this book right here at this link:

How about THAT, hunh? One week published and already it’s on a best seller list!!! Whoo hooo!!! I get all squishy when that happens!

For those of you who’ve read it, don’t be shy about leaving a review! And for those of you who are new to this crazy mailing list of mine, click the cover below to find out allll about it!

And finally….

(Note: if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m NUTZ about Game of Thrones on HBO!)
Sadly, though…

There’s nothing to report! The show’s on hiatus until October or November 2017! AAAaaaa!!!
If you got any suggestions, leave ‘em in the comments, mmmkaayy?? 

Well, that’s all for now from Casa Mia Moore! I hope your August goes as well as it possibly can. For those of you with kids (and, yeah, I’m a little envious), just remember that school will be back in session in less than a month!

My BFF Jen has two youngun’s and is counting the days like a kid looking forward to Christmas! LOL

As always, take care of yourself and thank you so much for your readership!
Love and Hugs,
Mia Moore

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