Thursday, May 8, 2014

Overboard is live!

Yes, I'm putting this post up to pimp my latest novel. That's what you have to do if you're working at developing a career as a writer! To tell the truth, I really have a lot of fun doing it. I'm on Facebook a lot nowdays, and the group of people I chat with over there- readers, writers, and other Facebookers (is that a noun? If not, it should be!) give a lift to my day. The support and friendships that I've developed there... when I sit back and think about it... well, I can fully understand why so many people are on the website.

LOL! At one point, the Dear Husband Spike had to sit me down and talk to me about spending too much time on it! I smiled and nodded and went back to what I had been doing. We did agree though, that when he's home, no online stuff. Oh well. What he did come to understand was that when I had the regular job, I interacted with a lot of people during work. Other servers and staff at the restaurant I worked in, and also the customers. That was one thing I missed, and Facebook has filled the social gap in my life quite nicely.

So! Now! My latest book!
Since going full time, I've been writing up a storm. I just published online at Amazone and other places my latest novel, 'Overboard'!

Here's the cover:
Isn't it cool? :)
"But Mia... what's it about?"
Glad you asked!

Overboard- A Romance about a second chance
Glenn and Abby are almost strangers; their twenty year marriage is floundering on the rocks. An almost fatal accident is a wakeup call; they need to change course. Going online, Glen (who can barely use his cellphone) books a sensual, romantic couples cruise —just the two of them, no kids. Out on the ocean, Mr. and Mrs. Middle America learn this cruise is more than just dancing under the stars.  A L O T more.
In a hedonistic backdrop, they have to decide just what lines they’re willing to cross, if any.
A juicy and witty book about everyday people thrown into the deep end.

 "Mia, is it any good?"
Well.... here's what some reviewers are sayin':
This was an EXCELLENT read and storyline!!!
                                    - Steven
I just loved this book! This was a great story about finding "new" love from old.
                                    - Angela
Drowning in Awesomeness!
                                   - Bobbi

Overboard's on sale for only .99 right now. It's a fun read, one you can share with your significant other, whether or not they're in the lifestyle! 
Here's the link at Amazon:
I hope you guys give it a read!

Live and Love Sexy!

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