Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Free eBook To Try Me Out!

This post is a blatant commercial plug. You’ve been warned! LOL

One of the first books I published, which became a four then five book box set is Swingers Club. It’s gotten a fair bit of attention (but sadly, not many reviews- nudge nudge) on Amazon.com where most of my books sell. One of the currently popular marketing methods is to price an eBook as permanently free in the hope that people who MIGHT be interested in my work READ my work…

My nefarious plot is that once they try the free one… they become regular readers and buyers. Gee… a free sample in the hope of getting a customer… sure wish Cadillac motors tried this idea!

This is NOT as easy as just setting a price. Amazon.com doesn’t like not making money on eBooks, and you really have to jump through a lot of hoops. As well, because they have websites in many other countries- the U.K., Canada, Austrailia, India, Japan, just to name a few, getting a book priced permanently free is kind of arduous.

Well, it’s started! I just learned today that my first novella ‘Swingers Club’ part 1 is now permanently FREE on Amazon in the USA! Yay!

It’s hard to believe, but already, a thousand people have grabbed a copy already!
I’m making this note so that it all the people who look at my blog have the same opportunity to… erm… give me a tumble? (tee hee).

And, if you wanted to share this on Google Plus… I wouldn’t mind at all! J

Here’s the Amazon USA link! Just click on this link to get it!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I have read the boxed set and never did I think I would be interested in swinging but you have opened a virtual Pandora's Box of inhibitions. However my husband is adamant about not joining the lifestyle.He has a bit of a jealous streak. I have got him thinking about a soft swing and I sent him Swinger's Club 1 for his Nook hoping it will open his eyes also. We are much older so it will be hard to find a club where we would feel comfortable but I will be looking!

    1. If your husband is leary of joining the lifestyle it is because he is homophobic so you have to tongue his asshole when you give him head! When he starts to relax and welcome your oral attention to his asshole he will want you to fill his ass with your hand at first then he will be open to the lifestyle so he can experience being penetrated by both men and women

  2. I have read the entire boxed set and loved them. I love the female body and these books were hot!!!