Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day Memory Part 3 of 3

My mouth opened to take him in, tongue swirling over the head of his cock, savoring the glistening bead of pre-cum and pushing forward for more. My fingers slid up the leather of his chaps, closer, hesitating where it ended at his groin.

“You may touch me.”

In a flash, my fingers circled the hard shaft, massaging it up and down with the hand twist I knew he liked. At this point all I wanted was to please him. To drive him to the point where he would give me what I wanted. Later, as I became more experienced in the lifestyle I would learn the term for this—topping from the bottom. Not a good thing to do.

His fingers in my hair pulled my head back and away from him. He released me and I could feel his fingers untying the ends of the blindfold. He placed his thumb under my chin pulling my face and eyes to look at him.

God, he was so handsome in that moment looking down at me, his dark eyes almost dancing, a small smile curling those lips I wanted to kiss.
He took my hand in his and helped me rise to stand before him.

“Go into the bedroom and remove your bra. Lay on the bed and wait for me. You aren’t allowed to touch yourself while you wait.”

My heart sunk through the floor. He wasn’t joining me yet? How much longer was he going to make me wait? I turned, about to walk to his bedroom when his hand slapped my ass--hard.

Inside his bedroom the aroma of spice filled my nostrils. Candles were set out all around the room. I slipped my bra off and climbed onto the satin covered, King sized bed. And waited.

The heavy thrum of the music was still there, keeping time with my heartbeat. I stretched my arms out above my head and spread my legs, oh, so aware of the longing in my core. While one part of me knew I could end this, give myself the relief I ached for, another part of me wanted to obey.

That part, the surrender of my will increased my desire and lust. When the door opened, he stood naked, the light behind him casting a golden glow around his body.

He walked to the bottom of the bed. His eyes roamed slowly over my naked body. I was almost ready to scream; I wanted him inside me, ravishing my body. He was still hard. He couldn’t hide his arousal.

I held my breath as he climbed onto the bed and inched forward between my legs until the object of my craving, his hard cock brushed against my pussy. Oh God! He was rolling the slick tip of it over my clit.
I arched upward unable to resist, my body becoming lost in a tsunami of pleasure. His cock was now inside me, filling me while his lips were pressed against mine, his tongue dancing with mine.

My fingers dug into his back, my legs clutching his waist in a vise like grip as he thrust deep inside me, rubbing against my clit with his groin. It was primal, clinging to him, pushing my cunt up, wanting more, even as it hurt deep inside each time he drove into me.

“Yes…..there…you got me” His guttural words, his passion were a spark, igniting me into another mind blowing orgasm. It had never been like this. Two huge orgasms so close together!

My muscles squeezed him, milking every drop of cum from him. I couldn’t get enough of him. I would do anything for him, as I fell into bliss.

His body collapsed onto mine, our breath still fast and hot. His fingers stroked through my hair and his head lifted, his smiling face just above mine. But it was his twinkling dark eyes, half closed and radiating love that caught me, taking my breath away once more.

“Happy birthday, Mia.”

And Happy Valentines to all of you, my friends. I hope my memory gave you some pleasure!

I’ll be taking a break from my writing to enjoy some afternoon delight with my Spike….Yarwllllll 

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