Thursday, January 2, 2014

WHAT A Party! New Year's Eve at The O-Zone

I am in love with The O-Zone adult club in Toronto! Spike and I went there to celebrate New Year’s Eve and had a great time for the memory books. It was a night filled with laughter, dancing, drinking (that’s why it’s taken me two days to recover…) and hot sexy people.

This was only the second time we had been to the club and we were worried that it might be too crowded. The place WAS full, yeah; but the club was easily big enough to accommodate everyone. There was at least 400 people there and it was busy as anything, but it wasn't claustrophobic wall to wall.

Have you ever had the experience of being at a Swinger’s club but there wasn't enough room in the play area? We have! I was afraid that this was going to happen at the O-Zone, and was prepared for it. C’mon, it was New Year’s Eve after all!

Boy was I wrong. The spacious play area they have is large enough to accommodate everyone easily. When Spike and I decided to play after the ball dropped (or, as he said: ‘We dropped the ball, now let’s drop your panties’) we had no problem getting a spot.

Did I mention that sexy people of every age range was there? I saw young people in their 20’s, thru to people that were in their 60’s! Everyone was dressed to impress.

Guys- if you don’t own one, get yourself a suit… men are so HOT in suits!

The O-Zone had a special deal that included a pre-party at the hotel (with free drinks including Jello shooters), snacks and hor d’ourves. Aaand an after party that went on to the wee hours! Bars close in Ontario at 4:00 a.m., and Spike and I fell into bed at about 5:30.

These guys know how to throw a party. Their members are friendly, sexy and fun to be around.

On the drive home I was telling Spike that I’m going to write another episode in Swinger’s Club, where Carrie and Josh and their best Lifestyle friends drive up to Toronto from Black Rapids for New Year’s Eve.
 Look out for it!

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