Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eros Inc.

What are your wildest sexual fantasies? I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

Cerise is a young woman, just out of college. She;s smart, funny and has the face of a model. Not the body, she;s got way too many curves, in all the right places.

She was a little bit wild in high school, cleaned up her act in college and now finds herself with huge student loans and no job prospects in sight.

She dresses up in her most provocative dress and heads out to an upscale bar in a convention center where engineers are having a Professional annual meeting. Maybe someone will be interested enough to pay for her favors and bring her bills up to date.

Nick and Dev are two successful engineers, partners in a firm they've worked hard to build. They're gorgeous hunks who are looking for some hot sex after a boring day of presentations at the conference. And the chick in the micro red dress with tits that would shame Marilyn Munro looks like just the ticket.

Nick propositions her. He is so hot and handsome that he's a fantasy come true for her. He throws her off guard when he assumes a Dominant role, but she soon warms up to the idea. Just as they are about to get real down and dirty, Dev enters the hotel room. Another fantasy come true as these young, successful millionaires engage in a sizzling threesome with Cerise.

But the best is yet to come. They also own a sex club and have recently lost the manager. Cerise is smart, hot and malleable. There's been some problems at the club and she could be the refreshing change it needs.

At an annual income of a hundred grand a year, plus expenses, how can she resist? So begins the tale of Cerise's journey of love, lust and intrigue.  

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