Monday, April 6, 2015

My Latest Newsletter Had Important (LOL) News! I'm reprinting most of it here!

Sure I have a book to promote, but there's even BIGGER news than that!

Lots of stuff to chat with you about- Thanks for letting me into your inbox! (Yup, double entrendre intended!)

Yes, yes, I WILL be promoting a book (a… cough, cough Amazon Best Hot New Release!) but there’s other stuff I want to share with you guys. I mean… let’s face it—I do write these newsletters to you to promote my writing, sure; but even self obsessed ol’ me knows that there’s more to life and the world than my latest hot read!


So let's start with talking about the really,REALLY important stuff!


Starts in just over TWO WEEKS! YAYYY!!


I am so in love with this series, can ya tell?
I’m also reading the books by George RR Martin (somebody give that man a blow job!) and loving every damn page.

But enough about George… it’s JON SNOW SHOW TIME!!!!

Major oozing swoon...

Let me get all fangirl for a minute okay?
Sure he had a girl, Yigritte...

(((I'd show him what I could do with MY mouth))) ROWLLL!


Except dayum... there's Someone Else waiting in the wings! 



 I did NOT enjoy seeing THIS at the supermarket! (Although I WANT that dress! ... and the bod...)

This pic just blew my fantasies up.
But my oh my... what a Big sword!

The doctor says I gotta disease... and the cure is
More Snow!!!

 News From The Home Front:

This past winter started off magically, as I told you guys about in my last newsletter. The skiing at Mt. Tremblant was so wonderful that Spike (my Dear Husband) and I returned there for a week in March. It was fantastic. The love story about the husband and wife who founded this wonderful skiing experience is compelling. And the skiing was fantastic.

But my skiing’s over for this year now. After we returned, I came down with a case of the flu that had me in bed for more than a week. You ever get so sick you can’t remember being healthy? Yeah, it was that bad a sick, let me tell you.

But while I was laid up (and not in a good way) LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

I published this on Amazon this month and it made a couple of best seller lists on their site, but when I got the notification that it was a HOT NEW RELEASE I felt much better!

It's title is 'The House Guest'

What's it about Mia?

I thought you'd never ask! LOL
Here's a snippet

His pal ticks her off… until he turns her on!

Maybe it was the hot sun by the pool, maybe it was all the wine. Whatever it the cause, passionate anger morphs into something else and Maggie starts to get some ideas on how to put this guy in his place.
Wanton, filthy ideas…

It has hot scenes between the characters with some of my best ever FF and MM scenes I’ve ever written! 

Click on the pic below to find out more at Amazon!


Well, that’s about it, except that the Dear Husband Spike is also excited.

NHL Hockey playoffs are going to start in two weeks and he’s pumped because the NY Rangers are in the running for a playoff berth!

I keep asking him how the heck a guy who grew up in the Bronx (there’s not ONE ice rink in the entire borough) got into hockey. He said he didn’t understand the game till he moved to Canada. Oh well..


Hockey… is played on ice….
Ice is kinda like SNOW…
I gotta check this out to see if any players can look as hot as this guy…..

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